Board of Directors

Mr. Vivek Mathur
Mr. Vivek Mathur is the Executive Vice President of ICRA Limited and Head Rating Operations.
Ms. Lahar Bhasin
Ms. Lahar Bhasin is Head Business Planning of ICRA Limited.
Ms. Aashmi Rana
Ms. Aashmi Rana is the Founder and Managing Director of Rana Global Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Anil Chandra Adhikari
Mr. Anil Chandra Adhikari is the CEO of Karja Suchana Kendra.
Mr. Surya Prakash Shrestha
Mr. Surya Prakash Shrestha is an Independent Director of ICRA Nepal Limited.
Mr. Deepak Raj Kafle
Mr. Deepak Raj Kafle was formerly Chairman, Securities & Exchange Board, Nepal.

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