Fund Management Quality Rating

A Fund Management Quality Rating from ICRA Nepal provides investors with an independent opinion on the overall quality, governance process, and fund management expertise of the Asset Management Company (AMC) rated. For AMCs, ICRA Nepal ratings are a credible means that can be used to highlight their investment management characteristics. The ratings also provide investors with a useful benchmark to differentiate among AMCs. ICRA Nepal ratings however are not intended to comment on the future performance of the schemes or funds being managed by the AMCs rated.

Analytical Framework

The methodology for rating Fund Management Quality emphasises qualitative factors over quantitative factors and considers the following key parameters:

  • Ownership
  • Organisational Structure and Management Quality
  • Governance Structure and Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Transparency and Investor Service
  • Investment Performance
  • Financial Soundness

The weighting of the parameters would vary from case to case, given that every AMC has its own unique characteristics.