Issuer Rating

ICRA Nepal’s Issuer Ratings seeks to provide an opinion on the fundamental creditworthiness of the rated entities in relation to their senior unsecured obligations. An ICRA Nepal Issuer Rating focuses on the rated issuer’s ability and willingness to meet its financial commitments in general as and when they arise, and is not specific to any particular obligation. This Rating gives the market participants an informed and objective opinion on the fundamental credit quality of companies that may not have a concrete or immediate debt issue plans.

The Benefits

For lenders/investors, ICRA Nepal issuer ratings would:

  • Provide an objective, independent and reliable opinion on credit quality
  • Facilitate an informed investment decision
  • Assists in risk pricing and capital allocation
  • Facilitate portfolio management and monitoring

For the rated entities, ICRA Nepal issuer ratings may help to:

  • Improve the comfort level with prospective/existing lenders/investors
  • Negotiate terms based on their inherent credit quality
  • Reduce the time involved in loan approvals
  • Access a broader investor base