Quality and Commitment

Facilitating Efficiency in Business

ICRA Nepal’s Ratings, Gradings, information products and solutions reflect independent, professional and impartial opinions, which assist businesses enhance the quality of their decisions and help issuers access a broader investor base and even lesser known companies approach the Money and Capital Markets.

Building Research Capability

We strongly believe that the quality of analytical output is a reflection on an organisation’s research capabilities. Towards this end, we are focused on building and continually reinforcing the required in-house research capabilities so as to maintain the highest standards of quality and credibility. We also draw on the strength and experience of the Holding Company and make optimum use of its research capabilities.

Commitment to the Development of the Financial Market of Nepal

The focus and commitment of ICRA Nepal will remain on developing innovative concepts and products in a dynamic market environment, generating and promoting wider investor awareness and interest, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the financial market, and providing a healthier environment for market participants and regulators.